Take Control of your Life and the Business

Real success is deeper than just a "work thing". Business interweaves with family and life-style to challenge how in control at work we really are.

We help you deal with this head on: do you as a business leader fear the next storm or do you feel confidently equipped in all situations to manage what is happening, for yourself and your colleagues? We help you to see the events you experience as opportunities rather than threats.


Introduction to Taking Control

So, you and your business are interdependent – one will not succeed without the other succeeding. Truly successful business people are in complete control of the business AND they are in complete control of themselves.

How do we achieve this?

We have a unique and demanding  approach built over many years of experience that will build you a unique framework for Taking Control.

.. with a unique team

Steve Barker -  A coach, plc HR Director, business owner and outdoors addict.
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Peter Eales -  a salesman, plc Marketing Director, Dragons Den Network Founder, entrepreneur.
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What we do with you

Really successful business cannot work without sorting out the fundamentals that are often left unsaid. Insights from working with business leaders for many years, equip us with the tools to help you Take Control.

Tools such as our Above and Below the Line Control Model for you.

We have the wisdom, knowledge and determination to help you:

  1. Get clarity about the priorities that have to be addressed in the short term if business challenges are to be met.
  2. Be clear about what strengths in yourself and your business need to be amplified and weakness suppressed.
  3. Create the opportunity for you to face up to your personal blockers for success.

Good advisors can help you understand your business. A good mentor or coach can help you understand yourself. But the real value we bring is to help you build your framework that brings it all together.

Taking control of your business and yourself

Are you in control?

We have 10 questions that will challenge whether you are in sufficient control.

Our Blog

High-performing business leaders have found ways to Take Control of themselves & their business

Case Studies

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How we work

One-to-one, or with executive teams, projects or on a specific problem.